Casazela: A New Website and New Partnerships

Casazela is a real estate property and asset management company active in sales, marketing and brokerage services; in active management of real estate assets; and delivering a wide range of real estate development services. Casazela is an APS Real Estate company and a member of the APS Group. Casazela has active projects in Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Hungary and Czech Republic. 

In February, Casazela launched a new website, The website has been designed as a marketing conduit for near-real time interaction with real-estate buyers and investors, integrating directly with commercial business processes within APS Real Estate and APS Recovery and thus delivering an extraordinary competitive advantage. The new website shares live dashboards and trend updates in the CEE/SEE real estate market, delivers latest information on the network of Casazela companies and their current activities, and presents a range of attractive real estate assets for sale to international clientele through an interactive asset search portal.

We’re excited to announce that our new global website is now live.

APS Real Estate was founded in 2019, spawning off a network of Casazela real estate asset management companies which focus on real estate investment in asset brokerage, in income-producing assets, and in real estate development projects. Casazela is currently active in six countries of Central and Southeast Europe.