APS has published its annual report. The Holding earned almost EUR 6.1 million in 2018

APS Holding, an investor in non-performing loans, reached a turnover of EUR 45.6 million in 2018. In comparison to 2017, this makes an increase of 35 percent. The net profit of the Group was nearly EUR 6.1 million, representing a year-on-year increase of EUR 1.8 million. The year´s success was confirmed by the purchase of a record portfolio in the Peloponnese. 

Last year, APS completed acquisitions in nominal value exceeding EUR 3.3 billion. As a result, the nominal value of all portfolios under its management amounted to EUR 8.8 billion by the end of 2018. "Last year was a very successful one for us. Aside from the purchase of a record portfolio from the Greek Piraeus Bank valued at EUR 2.23 billion we also successfully strengthened our position in existing markets, opened new subsidiaries in the Balkans, and acquired funds for further expansion," Martin Machoň, APS CEO and owner, sums up the year's events. 

With the new subsidiaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Montenegro, APS has strengthened its position in the region. "We are currently monitoring the markets in Spain, and Italy, where the volumes of NPLs amount approximately to EUR 300 billion. Italy, similarly, to Greece, is finding itself under pressure from both national and supranational institutions requiring a significant reduction of the distressed-debt volumes," Viktor Levkanič, CEO of APS Investments, adds.

Last year APS also issued bonds with 5year maturity valued at EUR 20 million. The funds are being used to facilitate further purchases as well as entrance into new markets. „With this action, APS is offering investors the opportunity to share and support the success story of our company,” adds Antonín Pfleger, Chief financial officer of APS. 

APS was successful also in Romania, where APS Investments S.à.r.l in cooperation with Deutsche Bank and funds led by AnaCap acquired an NPL portfolio from the Greek Alpha Bank valued at EUR 360 million. Through this transaction, the seller has significantly reduced the volume of its distressed debt in the Romanian market. 

In 2018, APS confirmed its leading position in the regions of South and Southeast Europe. In the following years, the Group will focus on further portfolio purchases as well as the development of its real estate division. 

APS is a leading asset management firm focusing on investment and management of distressed debt and, real estate within Central and South-eastern Europe. Founded in 2004, the company is headquartered in Prague.  Through its approximately 1,000 experts, it provides services in 17 European countries.