APS Achieved Record Underwriting Volumes in NPLs in 2014

Prague, January 2015 - APS Holding SE (“APS”) achieved significant milestones in three key areas of its business in 2014: underwriting, fund management, and operations.

APS successfully underwrote and invested in some 11 portfolios of Non-performing Loans (“NPLs”) in 2014, across 5 countries including Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania. Of these 11 portfolios of NPLs, 5 were portfolios of secured loans, and 6 were portfolios of unsecured loans. These 11 portfolios have a Nominal Value (“NV”) of some EUR 1.45bn. The 5 secured portfolios have an NV of some EUR 1.4bn, and the 6 unsecured portfolios have an NV of some EUR 58mn. These 11 portfolios contain some 34,684 individual loans, 5,748 secured loans, and 28,936 unsecured loans. APS will service these portfolios going forward.

APS Fund Management business also achieved a number of key milestones in 2014, including the successful placement of APS’s second investment fund, ALPHA, in the third quarter of 2014. ALPHA was invested into 13 portfolios of NPLs with a combined NV of EUR 1.24bn. APS and the IFC agreed on financing for a managed account for the IFC, BETA. BETA made its first successful investment in Q3 2014.

APS also expanded its operations and geographic coverage by opening an office in Greece in November 2014.

APS is a full-service distressed debt investor, advisor, recovery manager, and asset manager. APS was created as a captive servicer in 2004 to service a large Czech retail portfolio. APS has now developed into an independent asset management platform operating across CE and SEE. APS headquarters are in Prague, Czech Republic with staff of over 350 people across 7 countries, including Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia. APS has acquired over 66 portfolios of NPLs in the last 10 years, with more than 265,000 exposures, and a current NV of assets under management of circa EUR 2.7bn. APS is currently managing three investment funds at present with investment commitments of some EUR 55mn.