The investment company APS obtained over EUR 26 million the last year

APS Holding a.s. (APS) gained a total income of over EUR 26,3 million and achieved a net profit of EUR 4,9 million. APS has grown the fifth year in a row and continued to expand throughout Europe.

In the year 2016, APS expanded into three European countries: Croatia, Cyprus, and Hungary. The company has enclosed transactions with a total nominal value of EUR 1,4 billion. Its growth continues in 2017: up to this day, this year‘s acquired investments exceed the nominal value of EUR 600 million, and the company will service distressed debts worth EUR 2,4 billion in a joint venture with Cypriot Hellenic Bank.

Martin Machoň, CEO of APS, comments: „Last year, we established itself among significant European investors in a non-performing loans segment. We managed to keep growing despite the costly expansion into Croatia, Cyprus, and Hungary. All the new countries have considerable investment potential, which we are going to exploit this year. Right now, we are searching for new opportunities in Greece and Italy. These countries belong among the most promising ones in Europe when it comes to investment. We hope to reinvest the profit into broadening our company.“

Viktor Levkanič, Chief Investment Officer of APS, adds: „We are successfully competing with the global investors. Last year we enclosed our first transaction ever, which exceeds EUR billion. I believe that thanks to our detailed knowledge of individual countries, our position as investors is going to strengthen significantly. “

APS, together with its partners, invests into debts in default, mostly into corporate debts. Its goal is always to find the solution that enables debtors to take control of their financial situation and gradually cope with their obligations. APS, through its local branches, provides the whole process of debt recovery. Usual sellers are banks, which reduce their credit exposure and strengthen their position in the market due to ongoing sales of blocks of debts.

APS remains active mostly in Central European and Southern European regions. The company is a long-acting market leader in Romania and has gained a significant position in other European countries. APS has significantly strengthened its position in the region:

-The acquisition of two portfolios in Croatia, with the nominal value over EUR 550 million

-The acquisition in Hungary, with the nominal value reaching EUR 140 million

-The Cypriot joint venture with Hellenic Bank (51% APS, 49% Hellenic Bank), servicing a loan portfolio of EUR 2,4 billion.