APS has strengthened its company structure to ensure stable growth in coming years

Luxembourg, Prague, 31st January 2018 – APS Holding S.A. (APS) has completed an intragroup restructuring process, effective as of 1 January 2018. The parent company APS Holding S.A. remains seated in Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and controlled by its CEO and sole shareholder Martin Machoň. The debt recovery platform APS Recovery a.s. remains seated in Prague, Czech Republic.

CEO and co-founder Martin Machoň comments: “Over the past two years, APS significantly strengthened its role as an alternative asset manager focusing on distressed debt and real estate recovery and investments. The overall nominal value of assets under management exceeds €5.5 billion, and more than 800 employees cover 12 countries in Europe and Vietnam. Our teams have closed and are successfully servicing the most significant NPL transactions in Cyprus, Croatia, Hungary, and Romania. In 2017, APS became the most successful NPL investor and servicer in Central and South-eastern Europe. Our new corporate structure guarantees the best opportunities for our employees, clients, business partners, and investors. The new company structure allows us to expand in new markets and invest into the largest NPL portfolios in Europe. In addition to our growth in Europe, APS Group has found success in Vietnam for more than two years and is looking to expand further in this region by entering another country during 2018.”

The new company structure perfectly fits the three main APS business lines: investments, recovery, and real estate. The new companies under the APS umbrella reflect business processes and activities previously performed under APS Holding a.s., seated in the Czech Republic.

APS Management Services s.r.o., seated in the Czech Republic, has taken over the activities of the former Operations and Finance division. The company will manage, support, coordinate, and provide crucial services in the areas of compliance, legal advisory, accounting, controlling, IT, tax and structuring, project management, HR, PR and Marketing and other necessary interactions to facilitate the smooth operations of the entire APS Group. The company is managed by Mr Martin Machoň, CEO, and Mr Antonín Pfleger, CFO. Both Martin Machoň and Antonín Pfleger perform their respective positions for the entire APS Group.

APS Recovery a.s., seated in the Czech Republic, will continue conducting the activities of the Recovery Management division. The company will ensure management of all local debt recovery subsidiaries and development of new debt recovery technologies and services. The company is managed by Chief Regional Officers Mr Victor Angelescu and Ms Zuzana Burmakinová.

APS Investments S.à r.l., seated in Luxembourg, will pursue the activities of the former Investment and Fund Administration division. Its responsibilities include management of the NPL investment process, fundraising, fund management, fund and account administration, and all other procedures related to investment. APS Investments S.à r.l. is managed by Mr Viktor Levkanič, Chief Investment Officer, and Mr Pavel Rozsypal, Chief Fund Management Officer.