APS harnesses economic growth in Central Europe and its real estate division, APS Real Estate takes under its management a portfolio originally held by the Real Estate Division of Immigon

The Real Estate Division of Immigon has gradually sold a performing commercial real estate leasing portfolio comprising 25 commercial properties worth €80 million. A part of this portfolio is newly being managed by APS and its real estate wing, a financial firm owned by Martin Machoň. This is the first concluded deal in a series of business transactions being negotiated in Austria.

APS Real Estate has taken under its management several industrial properties, sales areas, a Viennese hotel and a 22,000-square-meter football stadium located in Tyrol. The total value of the managed contracts amounts to €13 million. Moreover, all claims are actively being repaid. „Our expansion to the Austrian market has confirmed our position of a leading European distressed debt company. Moreover, this acquisition proves our expertise not only in the area of management, recovery, and advisory services related to non-performing loans, but also in management of a performing commercial real estate leasing portfolio,“ Martin Machoň, CEO and owner of APS, emphasizes the importance of the transaction.

“Our entrance to the Austrian real estate market is supported by the stability and strong fundamental basis of the local market which might play a significant role in the close future in CEE , adding additional value with our real estate expertise will provide a unique upside to our clients in the region,” Peter Horvath MRICS, Chief Real Estate Asset Management officer adds.

APS is together with its partners currently closing another transaction in Austria, involving also South Europe and the Balkans. The transaction is expected to be finalized by end of summer, or in early September.