APS publishes its annual report. The total income of the company exceeded €33 million

In the calendar year of 2017, APS (Group, Company) earned €4.3 billion. The nominal value of managed portfolios reached a record high of €5.5 billion. The Company opened its subsidiaries in Croatia, Hungary, and Cyprus. The annual report provides a comprehensive review of the APS’s accomplishments and includes Financial Statements in 2017.

“In the past year, we managed another wave of expansion and laid a solid foundation for a successful entry to new markets of Southern Europe. At the same time, we strengthened our positions in the heart of Europe, becoming the most successful investor in and manager of NPLs in the regions of Central and Southeastern Europe. I personally most appreciate that APS is an increasingly valued and sought-after partner by investors,“ Martin Machoň, APS CEO and founder, commented on the published annual report.

“The published financial results confirm our estimates for individual markets. While the volume of portfolios offered in Western Europe keeps declining, in the South of Europe, the situation is exactly the opposite. The growing pressure from international regulators set in motion the previously rigid markets. Thanks to it, APS succeeded in Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary. Also, the Greek market we are entering in 2018 is slowly opening,“ Viktor Levkanič, Chief Investment Officer of APS, describes the situation on individual markets.

Early in 2017, APS entered the Croatian market where it acquired an NPL portfolio with a nominal value exceeding €100 million. Later, the Company acquired a portfolio with the nominal value over €447 million from the local subsidiary of Unicredit Bank, making it the landmark transaction of the year.

One of the traditionally strong markets where APS is active is Romania. “The fund advised by APS Investments S.à r.l. jointly with Deutsche Bank and funds advised by Anacap acquired an NPL portfolio of Greek Alpha bank totaling around €360 million here,“ Victor Angelescu, SEE Chief Regional Officer, adds.

APS was strengthening its presence also in Central Europe. The Polish subsidiary posted its best results in last several years and in Czechia, APS acquired two largest insolvency portfolios with the nominal value of €52 million, becoming the main collection agency of the fifth largest insurance company the Czech market.

For 2018, the Group aims to successfully enter the Greek market and strengthen its positions in the Balkans as well as in Central Europe.

For 2018, the Group´s main activities remain unchanged, with core business comprising management and recovery of NPL portfolios, investment management, and real estate management.