APS Finance a. s. has entered the securities market with bonds valued at CZK500 million

On October 1, 2018, the bonds of APS Finance a. s., a subsidiary of APS Holding S.A. Group, valued at CZK 500 million with 5-year maturity, were accepted for trading on the Prague Stock Exchange. The secured bonds with nominal value of CZK 10,000 offer a 5% annual coupon. APS Finance a. s. has the option to increase the issue to CZK 620 million, pursuant to the agreement with the manager. A portion of received funds was used to refinance the outstanding debt, while another portion will be used to further develop the Group.

Aside from the refinancing, the APS Group will use these funds from investors to further its expansion and to strengthen its position on new markets. "In this year, we have managed to realize a wide range of deals with nominal value exceeding EUR 2 billion," said Martin Machoň, CEO and owner of APS.

The manager of this historically first issue of securities by APS was J&T Banka, a. s. The arranger´s role was fulfilled by J&T IB and Capital Markets, a. s. "With this action, APS is offering investors the opportunity to share and support the successful story of our company, which is one of the best in Europe in its field of business," adds Antonín Pfleger, CFO and COO of APS