APS Finance a.s. issued bonds valued at CZK 120 million

APS Finance a.s., a subsidiary of APS Holding S. A. group, increased the volume of APS FINAN. 5,00/23 bonds by CZK 120 million. The newly issued bonds have also been accepted for trading on the Prague Stock Exchange. The firm has therefore issued bonds valued at CZK 620 million in total. The secured bonds with nominal value of CZK 10 000 offer a 5% annual coupon and are due in February 2023.

The manager of both the issues was J&T Banka, the arranger´s role was fulfilled by J&T IB and Capital Markets, a.s. „We have eventually issued the total approved volume of bonds. The received funds will be used to co-finance new investment opportunities and to further develop the Group as well as for entrance to new markets of south and east Europe,“ Antonín Pfleger, CFO of APS, comments.

The firm aims to build on its achievements from the last year. „One of the milestones of 2018 was the acquisition of an NPL-portfolio from the Greek Piraeus Bank with nominal value of EUR 2.3 billion. The transaction with the value exceeding EUR 50 million was carried out by APS, IFC, EBRD and Balbec Capital LP,“ explains the details of one of key transactions of the year Martin Machoň, CEO and owner of APS.

APS is active in the field of investments, management and recovery of debt portfolios and real estate in south and southeastern Europe. The group owned by Martin Machoň is operating in 15 countries, currently managing portfolios with the nominal value exceeding EUR 8.6 billion.